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Sending out Missionaries

  • The church has so far sent out 21 missionaries. 
  • Missionaries play a great role when it comes to reaching the unreached.
  • These missionaries sacrifice all their comforts to lead the lost home.  
  • All of our missionaries sacrificially work in very poor and remote villages.
  • Each missionary works in from 2 to 3 villages. Some of them are serving among tribals.  
  • Main goal is to set up a Christian Witness in every village. 
 Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for the health and safety of the missionaries as they serve in very remote villages.

  • Pray that the Lord will open doors in every village for the Gospel of our Lord.  

  • Pray for the financial support for these hard working missionaries as we are unable to support them as COVID-19 has greatly affected our finances.   

  • These missionaries are in need of financial support as they are serving the Lord full time. An amount of 5000 rupees is needed to meet their families' needs which is equal to 65 USD.

  • 17 missionaries need motor cycles to go from village to village as it will save time and energy. Each motor bike costs 1350 USD.

 Humble Request:

If you would like to assist these missionaries in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in these unreached villages, please contact us. Thank you. 

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