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Church Planting

  • We strongly believe a church does not mean a building but fellowship of God's people.
  • Our main goal is to set up a Christian witness in every village of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh 
  • We have planted 21 churches in 21 different villages so far. 
  • Now the group of believers are reaching their own villages for Christ.
  • Thus, villages are won for Christ. 
Our Goal is to plant 100 churches by the end of 2021
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P. Narayanamma, Mulapeta Village

I am a leper. There are many lepers in my village. We are outcast. No one comes and visits us. But we are grateful to the Life Changers church for coming to us and preaching the Gospel. Now we all believe in Jesus and testify of Him every where.

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K. Satyanarayana, Divili village

I come from a Hindu village. We used to worship idols. Now I am a proud Christian, stopped worshipping the dead idols but the living God Jesus Christ. Now my village is converting to Christianity. Now I am a missionary too. Thanks to Life Changers. 

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M. Babu Rao, Yarravaram village

My wife came to Christ first and then I followed her. We experienced the real power of Jesus and realised that the Idols we worshipped were powerless. Now we are a small group of Christians in the village, but witnessing to others. I am glad I am also serving the Lord. 

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